City Center for Work with Children at the Place of Residence

For children and teenagers!

16 youth clubs work in different microdistricts of Khmelnytskyi city from Monday to Friday.

In these clubs, apart from having fun and chatting with peers, you can also learn a lot of new and interesting things, as well as work with incredible art techniques on master classes from teachers and find an interesting hobby for yourself at the sports sections.

If you have not attended our classes or become a member of the big club family yet, then we invite you!

– artistic and aesthetic classes;

– vocal classes;

– choreography classes, modern choreography sections;

– gyms;

– hand-to-hand combat;

– boxing;

– kickboxing;

– karate-do.

Call +380963649821 to get more detailed information, and also check social networks (Instagram, Viber, Facebook) of the City Center for Work with Children.



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