A journey to the Mynkivtsi state

A journey to the Mynkivtsi state

About the trip

Today I have fulfilled my old dream – I visited the historical Mynkivtsi state. This self-proclaimed state entity existed after the division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the late 18th and early 19th centuries on the then lands of the Ushytskyi district of the Podilska province. The state was headed by nobleman of Podillia Ignatsiy Scibor-Markhotskyi (Earl Redux) – one of the most famous eccentrics of that time. One of his first decisions was to free his peasants from serfdom. A full-fledged judicial system worked in the state, the economy (including industry and agriculture) developed successfully. Across the border of the state there were border signs: Border of the Mynkivtsi state and the Russian Empire. Quite a lot has survived from the legacy of I. Scibor-Markhotskyi: his residence in Otrokiv with a castle, a forum, a triumphal arch and artificial grottoes, huge mills in the Kruzhkivtsi and Pritulia, several churches. A museum of the Mynkivtsi state was opened in the former capital Mynkivtsi.

The route turned out as follows: Pidlisnyi Mukariv – Mynkivtsi – Kruzhkivtsi – Otrokiv – Tymkiv – Zagoryany – Sokilets

On the way we stopped in the half-forgotten village of Pidlisny Mukariv, where the neo-Gothic church of St. Joseph the Betrothed:

Neo-Gothic in the Podillia hinterland is impressive!

The interiors are impressive as well:

Mynkivtsi is the former capital of the Mynkivtsi state. Once a town, then – a capital, then – a district center, and now – just a village:

In Mynkivtsi there is a private museum of the Mynkivtsi state. Initials on the fence “IM” (Ignatius Markhotskyi):

In the museum:

There are dungeons in the old house, where the museum is located:

St. Michael’s Church in Mynkivtsi:

Panorama of the Ushytsia river valley near the village of Kruzhkivtsi:

In Kruzhkivtsi there was a huge mill, which was preserved, with a museum. Unfortunately, it was closed.

Mill in Kruzhkivtsi:

Ancient well near the mill:

Typical fence in Kruzhkivtsi:

The residence of the head of the Mynkivtsi state was located in Otrokiv. The Triumphal Arch led to it from the Ushytsia valley:

The residence forum is decorated with towers stylized as castle towers:

Markhotskyi’s Castle in Otrokiv is also stylized as in the Middle Ages:

Artificial grottoes in the valley of the Ushytsia River near Otrokiv:

Lower grottoes:

Upper grottoes:

Church of St. John the Divine in the neighboring village of Tymkiv:

Tymkiv village:

The forgotten village of Zagoriany. The roads are not very good here:

Valley of the Ushytsia River near Sokilets:

Sokilets is a former town, and today it is a dying village …

Former Turkish mosque, later – a church, today – ruins:

The huge three-apse St. Nicholas Church in Sokiltsi. There is almost no one to go there …

Inside – nice and tidy:

A lonely house on the outskirts of the Mynkivtsi state: