Khmel Travel aims to maintain the confidentiality and security of personal data and other information that We obtain from users of our Service. In this regard, each user of the Khmel Travel Service must read this Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Policy”, “Privacy Policy”).

If You (hereinafter “You”, “User”) want to use the Service Khmel Travel you must fully and unconditionally accept all the terms of this Privacy Policy before using the Service.

Service Khmel Travel is the computer system available for remote use through a web site https://khmel.travel/. The Service provides you the opportunity to carry out a mass mailing of emails and SMS-messages to the recipient (“Subscriber”), who expressed consent to receive these messages from You.


1.1. This Privacy Policy informs you of the way we collect, store, modify, use and protect your personal data and other confidential information received from the users of Service Khmel Travel.

1.2. This Privacy Policy is directly related to the “Terms of Service” which you also need to consider and accept before using the Service.

1.3. By using the Service Khmel Travel, you agree to the terms of this Policy, and authorize Khmel Travel to receive, store, process and use your personal data and other information that Khmel Travel receives while You use the Service in accordance to this Privacy Policy.

1.4. Khmel Travel does not collect information on individuals who have not reached the age of 13 and in this regard, you are not allowed to use any personal data or other information of such individuals within the Service.

1.5. In order to get full access to personalized Service features You need to create an account in the Service, providing us with complete and accurate information about Yourself. In the result of registration, a virtual Personal account is created in the Service, through which the Service is used.

1.6. Messages, created to be send as mailout, in some cases may include text, graphics, audio, video or mixed media information materials (“Information data”), which are further processed, stored and distributed to the Subscribers by the Service.

1.7. To use the Service, you must independently obtain a consent of Subscriber for using his/her personal data in the Service and Subscriber’s consent to receive such messages. You must obtain such consent personally from a Subscriber before adding any Subscriber’s data in the Service.

1.8. By adding to the Service any information about Subscribers You ensure that it does not violate the rights of the Subscribers, that You have notified the Subscriberі in accordance with the terms of this Policy, and received from Subscriberі all the necessary and unconditional consents.

1.9. This Privacy Policy does not regulate the receipt, storage, processing, use and disclosure of your personal data by third parties – companies and organizations that are not in our possession or under our control, as well as by individuals who are not Khmel Travel employees, even if You receive access to web sites, goods or services of these individuals through Khmel Travel Service.


2.1. The information that we collect, store and process includes your contact information which you provide while registering in the Service: name, surname, email address, phone number, your identification details in payment system you use to pay for our Service, messages You use to communicate with us and with Subscribers using the Service, as well as other information described in this Policy.

2.2. We receive your personal data from you via our Service and e-mail, however, in some cases, We can get this information from other persons. We only collect information that is necessary for the purposes of our business relationship with you. We do not collect information that applicable law prohibits to collect. We also do not collect information in ways prohibited by applicable law.

2.3. Khmel Travel Service is directly related to the acquisition of Personal and Information data and its subsequent storage, processing and use within your Personal account.


3.1. At registration in Service We ask You to fill out a registration form and list in it some of your personal data. We use this information for further communication with You.

3.2. The purpose of collecting the Personal Data and Information materials is to provide you with services that you have requested through the Service. We will not use your Personal data and Information materials for purposes that are not related to our Service.

3.3. If you purchase our paid service, we will ask you to fill out the order form, stating the contact details and financial personal data. Contact details contain: your name, surname and email address. Financial data contain data that you use to deliver an electronic payment (such as credit card number and its expiration date). Financial data is encrypted. We will use this data to complete your orders and prepare an invoice. If we have a problem while performing an order, we will use this information to contact You.

3.4. We will send you information about products, services, special offers and promotions provided by the Service. If you do not wish to receive such information, please, notify Us about that by using the Service functions or by contacting us via e-mail.

3.5. You may remove your personal data or informational data manually (using Service functions) or you may ask us to remove it. In some cases, we may not be able to remove your personal data, but you will be necessarily notified of such case. If personal data or Informational data are removed from the Service, we are unable to provide you with certain services. In this case also  access to certain Service functions may be unavailable.


4.1. We do not provide Personal data and informational data to third parties without the consent of its owner, except for the following cases:

After receiving approval of Personal data owner on relevant actions with this data if such actions and their conditions are not regulated by this Policy;

If transfer of personal data is required to complete your order or request;

If it is required to comply with  applicable laws, to execute queries and requests of judicial, law-enforcement bodies and other public authorities.

In case, when we believe you violate the Policy or Terms of Service, as well as terms of other contracts and agreements concluded between You and Khmel Travel.

4.2. In case of merge, acquisition or sale of assets of Khmel Travel to another company, your Personal data and Information materials are likely to be among assets to be transferred. If such happens, we will notify you by e-mail or place a notice on our Website 30 days prior to such changes take place.


5.1. At any time, you may ask us to provide you with all your Personal data that we store in hardware and software complexes of Khmel Travel. We will try our best to respond to such request within 30 days.

5.2. If your personal data has changed or you no longer wish to use Service Khmel Travel and you want to remove all your personal data and your Information materials, You may modify, update, disable or remove such data using functions of Personal account or send us a request to do so via email.

5.3. If your personal data, that Service stores and processes, has changed, you will need to make appropriate changes in the Service, since use of outdated data can reduce the quality of the services We provide, or may result in the inability to use the Service.


6.1. Khmel Travel will take all reasonable precautions to protect your Personal data and Information materials stored by the us, from loss, corruption, or unauthorized use. This includes physical, technological and software security measures. Khmel Travel does all the effort to protect them immediately upon this data are transfer to our Service.

6.2. However, you shall realize that there is no way to transfer data via the Internet or store data in digital format 100% secure. Thus, despite our efforts, we can not guarantee You absolute protection of data Khmel Travel receives from you.

Also, if You lost or failed to provide the security and confidentiality of your data for the Service authorization (login and password), third parties may gain unauthorized access to your Personal account, Personal data and Information materials that is stored in the Service.

6.3. We will store your personal data and Information materials as long as your account is active, or for the time necessary to provide You with Services, dispute resolution and performance of our mutual agreements.


7.1. Khmel Travel Website uses cookies and other technologies that help us to monitor Service users activity. Cookie is a piece of data, automatically created by Service and stored in Service user’s computer in the form of one or more files. Cookies are individual, but do not contain your personal data.

7.2. You can block cookies download at any time, but it may cause inaccessibility of some Service functions to you.

7.3. When using the Service we receive and store data that does not identify particular individual and are not personal: IP-address of the user, the version of the operating system, the software installed, its version, etc. We use this information to monitor and analyze trends, administer the Service, track user movement on the Website, and gather demographical and geographical information about our user base in general. We do not link this information with personal data.

7.4. Our privacy statements set out in this Policy shall not apply to cookies of third parties and we have no access to or control over these files.


8.1. Hereinafter, in connection with the extension or change of Service functions, as well as with change of its providing procedure, this Privacy Policy will be amended. We will notify You of such by sending a message to Your e-mail or by posting a notice in the Service.

8.2. If you do not fully understand the terms of this Policy, before starting to use the Service, You may contact us to get all the necessary clarifications. By completing the registration form on the Website and/or by using the Service and /or by accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy by other means, you agree that you understand its provisions and you have received from us all the necessary clarifications.

8.3. The English version of this Privacy Police shall prevail.

8.4. The applicable law is the law of Ukraine.