Route “The Legends of the Ponyzzia: Bakota and the Staroushytsia Community”

Route “The Legends of the Ponyzzia: Bakota and the Staroushytsia Community”

Travel itinerary

About the trip

List of key locations:

Mykola Prudivus Herbal Room (tasting),

Manor of Tokarzhevsky-Karashevych,

700-year-old well,



Rock Monastery,

Wine tasting,

Sunset on Bakota,

Brief introductory description:
Staroushytskyi region is a picturesque corner of the Carpathian-Dnister lands. Landscapes of forested mountains, the majestic flow of the Dnister river, springs with healing water make this place an earthly paradise. Many legends and narrations were born here and live in people’s memory.
We invite you to delve into the history of our region and discover all the Legends of the Ponyzzia!

Departure from Khmelnytskyi city

Along the way you can visit:
Holy Intercession Church in Sutkivtsi (brick temple-type, built in honor of the Intercession; represents both the fortress and the temple).
The Waterfall in Maliiivtsi and The Orlovskyis’ Palace (рalace Park was one of the best in Podillia. There was a chapel in the palace. It also had a large library with 7,600 objects, as well as one of the largest numismatic rooms created by the Count, Primate Ignatius Krasytsky of Poland. A special historical and religious value holds a limestone rock with an 18-meter artificial waterfall and a two-story grotto.

The beginning of the tour in the urban-type settlement of Stara Ushytsia

Mykola Prudivus Herbal Room (tasting)

The Pearls of Bakota enterprise (UAH 50 / per person) of the Prudivus family specializes in growing, harvesting and selling medicinal herbs and is engaged in its own production of herbal tea for all tastes. The company’s products are exceptionally environmentally friendly, thanks to the large amount of manual labor, non-use of mineral fertilizers, and unique technologies for drying medicinal raw materials. You will be able to feel the incredible aroma of medicinal herbs, taste various types of tea, drink tea “Vigorous” for a good start to the tour, and to buy the company’s products. There is also a possibility to order a breakfast buffet.
Moving to the Hrushka village

The Tokarzhevsky-Karashevych manor. It is considered the highest point in the village. To this day, the manor park has been preserved, right next to the estate. Currently, the estate accommodates a mayor’s council and a post office.
● The 700-year-old brick well in Hrushka. This is a brick well, which is over 700 years old. According to local legends, the village began to develop from this location. There is even an approximate date – 1238. The elderly say that the Chumaks loved this place. In those early times, three pear trees grew here, and a well near them. Therefore, on their way they used to stop to rest here.

Moving to the Podilske village

Former Pryvorot Theological Seminary

A legend tells that in the early nineteenth century, a Bishop Ioannikiy visited Podillia. It so happened that during the audit of the parish, not far from Pryvorottia, in one of the ravines, the bishop’s horses got tired and carried the carriage with the bishop on the rocks and ravines with all their might, without stopping anywhere. He began to pray to God and in prayer made a vow: to build a church at the place where the horses stop. The horses stood near Pryvorottia.

Moving to the Nefedivka village. Selisok.
 Selisok – а place on the outskirts of the Nefedivtsi village, located on the territory of Podilsky Tovtry. In its landscapes, resembles the Ukrainian Carpathians. At the foot of the hill you can find a small cave. It is a popular place for paragliding, because there are upward air currents and the required altitude.

3pm Lunch in the nature. Take away kitchen in Selisok.

Moving to Bakota

Bakota – the Ukrainian Atlantis

The flooded village, formerly the ancient capital of the Ponyzzia region. It was flooded because of the construction of the Dnister hydropower station in 1981. This place has a unique microclimate, rocks and forests protect the Dnister coast from northern air currents. The picturesque nature, healing springs and the energy of this place attract many streams of pilgrims and travelers.

The Bakota rock-cave monastery is located at the altitude of about 70 m on the cliff. It is located on the middle terrace of the steep slope of the White Mountain, which rises above the Dnister at the altitude 130 m. The first mention of the monastery dates back to 1362. Every year on the Feast of Macovei (August 14) on the territory of the monastery a festive service is held. On that day, you can consecrate flowers, poppies or drink healing water from Bakot springs.

Bohdan Pavli Winery

This is a unique opportunity to visit wineries and taste exclusive wines from grapes that grow nearby. At the tasting, winery employees will offer you sheep’s cheese from a local cheese factory to accompany the wine and will explain to you how to choose it for a particular wine.

We meet the sunrise on Bakota with wine
Returning to Khmelnytskyi city